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Heath Drive NW3

An amazing 360 square meter project where the beauty of nature takes its toll in one of the most famous London suburban’s for family life and education. Amalgamation of two flats into one started in Late September 2016 and has recently completed with an amazing final result. The beautiful spaces created for a family use and the inputs from clients, designers and SLS Builders LTD have resulted in creating the genuine friendly, chic and modern feel with oriental elements created to reach the peak of expectations from a fantastic family of musicians and art lovers.

As part of the architectural and interior design, we created an amazing master bedroom with En suite and walk in wardrobe whilst giving the rest of the family bespoke made and furnished bedrooms as well as a fantastic area for socialising, studying and entertainment.

On the ground floor, we combined the kitchen and dining room area into one beautiful, simple and above all created a space where all the family would enjoy and share their passion for cooking and most importantly share a meal and spend quality time together. The wet underfloor heating in itself means that ‘’slippers are no longer required’’ and the whole central heating system has been designed and signed for by our Voted Energy Entrepreneur of the Year at the UK Science museum by leading academics from UCL, who is now representing the UK industry at both BSI and international standards meetings.

In addition to this all the fantastic decorative chandeliers, artwork, bespoke made joinery by SLS Builders throughout each room and ornaments which were carefully chosen by Callender Howorth Interior  Designers make this house a unique and a remarkable project through and through.

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